• Contingency: We charge 33% of what we recover. Add 5% in the rare event your case goes to trial. If we recover nothing, you pay us nothing.
  • Flat Fee: We handle your case for a guaranteed fixed fee. The fee is paid in advance and covers an uncontested judgment. For our special fixed fee pricing Click here.
  • Hourly:We charge you only for the time we spend working on your case.
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Commercial Collection Special Fixed Fee Price

  • Includes All of the Following
  • $1,700
    Obtain Accurint Comprehensive Asset Report on one person or business; prepare, file and serve collection suit; obtain uncontested default judgment; record Abstract of Judgment (good for 10 years, renewable for 10 more years); including all filing fees, court costs, process server expenses for one defendant, county recorder fees
  • Add $75
    Each additional Defendant (for example, if the customer is a corporation and you wish to obtain a judgment against its owner), for each additional Accurint report and each additional service of process,
  • Add $500
    If customer contests the case and we are required to go to attend additional court hearings, for each hearing or trial